In the News

July 2014
The New York Times interviewed me for a piece about summertime seasonal affective disorder: Fighting Summer FOMO. See my io9 piece which inspired the NYT as well.

The Dodo included me in a list of conservationists to follow on twitter.

June 2014
OnEarth Magazine featured my Conservation Magazine story on hammerhead shark evolution and my io9 post about polar bears’ POV.

April 2014
Chaotic Awesome, a web-based show on BiteSizeTV, discussed my io9 post on how crows act rationally to solve problems.

March 2014
PBS Nova picked up my story about cattle welfare and cognition.

January 2014
Julie Gould interviewed me for her blog about science communication, Speaking of Science: Speaking to… Jason G. Goldman.

The Animal Emotions blog at Psychology Today picked up my Conservation Magazine story about how zoos approach captive breeding programs.

Neatorama liked The Best Animal Stories of 2013, a collaborative effort between me and Matt Soniak.

LA Observed referenced my reporting of a new bobcat found in Debs Park, in Los Angeles.

December 2013
My explanation of a crow’s apparent playtime rooftop sledding antics was featured by The Independent.

November 2013
My post on luring jaguars to camera traps was featured in print and online by the Washington Post on Thursday, November 21.

October 2013
Blackfish traces a 39-year history of killer whales in captivity leading up to the 2010 killing of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau by the 12,000-pound orca, Tilikum, a whale previously associated with the death of two other people. The premiere of the CNN Films documentary, Blackfish, was on the evening of October 24, 2013. I joined a group of scientists, journalists, and filmmakers to livetweet and liveblog it for CNN.

My piece for Zocalo Public Square on appreciating local wildlife was syndicated by the LA Daily News and KCRW’s Which Way LA.

My post on luring jaguars to camera traps was picked up by io9, BoingBoing, and Neatorama.

BuzzFeed‘s list of The 17 Happiest Science Facts of All Time features three of my recent posts: cuddling lions, dancing sea lions, and sharks that make friends.

What Animal Species Is Most Likely to Rise Up and Overthrow Humans? I was interviewed for this fun piece in Pacific Standard Magazine.

September 2013
How a children’s cartoon destroyed Japanese agriculture. io9 picks up my latest contribution for Nautilus Magazine on Japan’s real invaders: raccoons.

August 2013
Scientific American Blogs picked one of my flamingo photos as their Image of the Week on August 5, 2013. “Jason Goldman from The Thoughtful Animal captured a tender moment as a young flamingo attempted to feed at the San Diego Zoo in July 2013. The young bird is white because the characteristic pink hue of flamingos is not genetic, but is rather caused by the accumulation of pigments from their diet.”

An old piece of mine on measuring personality in hermit crabs shows up during Shark Week in a Smithsonian Smart Science piece on personality in sharks.

On year after I wrote it, a piece on domestic ferrets saw some renewed interest, including being featured by BoingBoing.

July 2013
The piece that I wrote on the psychology of first names for The Guardian was picked up by the Association for Psychological Science (also) as well as by RealClearScience.

I was also interviewed about first names on the James Valentine afternoon show on ABC 702 in Sydney, Australia.

June 2013
Business Insider picked up my piece about lemurs’ social networks, and what they tell us about brain evolution.

May 2013
Salon picked up my article about when the Catholic Church classified beavers as fish.

March 2013
Andrew Sullivan featured my BBC Future article about animal sexuality at his blog, The Dish: Kinks of the Animal Kingdom.

Scientific American Blogs picked one of my bonobo photos as their Image of the Week on March 25, 2013. “The animal, a female Bonobo at the San Diego zoo, gazes inquisitively at the photographer with ambiguous emotions. As is characteristic of powerful portraits, the subject is clear but the viewer is given latitude for personal interpretation of the animal’s intentions.”

February 2013
The LA Weekly wrote up The Cinefamily’s Bestiaire party, which included a Q&A session about animal cognition with me: Bestiaire Opened at Cinefamily and They Celebrated With a Live Zebra.

January 2013
The web magazine This View of Life featured my article about whether animals play as humans do, and whether it might serve a deeper purpose than simple enjoyment.

This View of Life also picked up my article about whether animals can teach us about the nature of friendship.

I’m quoted in this nicely written piece by Jennifer Van Grove at CNET about whether information derived from social media might be a useful tool for psychotherapists.

December 2012
My year-end list of the best animal stories of 2012 (written together with Matt Soniak) was picked up by Business Insider and included in BBC Future’s list of the best “best of” lists.

The online magazine This View of Life featured my article about orangutan culture. Is culture transmitted at the more abstract level of ideas, or at the more concrete level of overt behaviors?

November 2012
You: The Brand. I was interviewed for the cover article in this month’s American Psychological Association GradPsych magazine.

Richard Dawkins featured my BBC Future post on how groups of animals make communal decisions on his foundation’s website.

October 2012
Business Insider picked up my post about Sesame Street and child development.

Nature News picked up my post about how mice may be vocal learners, like humans, cetaceans, songbirds, parrots, and others.

September 2012
This View of Life, David Sloan Wilson’s online magazine, featured my BBC Future column on death rituals in the animal kingdom.

August 2012
Sarah Laskow featured my post about hurricanes’ effects on dolphin populations at the environmental news site

July 2012
Richard Dawkins featured my post on how chimpanzees learn to use tools for nut-cracking on his website. (Also here, on his foundation’s website)

David Sloan Wilson’s online magazine This View of Life featured my post on measuring personality in hermit crabs.

Encyclopedia Brittanica picked up my piece on how anteaters decide what to eat, on one of their blogs.

At the Smithsonian Institution’s Smart News blog, Rose Eveleth featured a post to which I contributed on the Last Word on Nothing blog.

June 2012
I was a guest on The Aaron Rand Show, on Montreal’s CJAD 800 radio station, speaking about dogs and the “guilty look.”
June 6 interview on CJAD 800 in Montreal – The Aaron Rand Show by jgold85

My piece on the “guilty look” in dogs was featured by Neatorama.

Huffington Post Science included me in a list of 30 High-Profile Neuroscientists Who Tweet.

March 2012
I was quoted in a piece by Barbie Davenporte at LA Weekly’s AfterDarkLA blog about sex and social cognition in bonobos.

February 2012
A post of mine on an instance of tool use in a dingo – the first recorded observation of tool use in a canid at all – was featured at Discover Magazine’s 80Beats Blog.

January 2012
Andy Revkin featured two posts of mine about whether corvids engage in play behaviors, and whether they “have fun,” at his New York Times blog, Dot Earth.

December 2011
I was quoted in a piece by Dan Vergano at USA Today on social cognition in chimpanzees.

One of my posts, on the psychology of dictatorship, was featured by Andrew Sullivan in his Newsweek blog The Daily Beast and by Paul Raeburn at the Knight Science Journalism Tracker.

November 2011
I engaged in a debate with Wall Street Journal writer Christopher Shea about why chicks prefer certain types of music. The Association for Psychological Science collected all the links.

October 2011
MediaBistroLA, a local internet/media news website, covered my transition from Scienceblogs to Scientific American.

August 2011
Maggie Koerth-Baker featured a post I wrote on how high temperatures modulate parenting behaviors in birds at Boing Boing.

April 2011
USC News featured me and The Open Laboratory in a piece called Science Writing For Everyone.

March 2011
Social media: Self-reflection, online. Virginia Gewin interviewed me for a piece on how scientist bloggers shape their online identities for NatureJobs.

October 2010
I was interviewed about my blogging by T. DeLene Beeland for the Raleigh News-Observer and Charlotte Observer.

My review of National Geographic’s Great Migrations series was featured on the National Geographic Channel blog, Inside NGC.