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Dr. Jason G. Goldman is a cognitive scientist and science writer based in Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, where he conducted research at the intersection of developmental psychology and animal cognition. He received an MA in Developmental Psychology and a BA in Psychology from USC as well.

He blogs for Scientific American, writes a column for BBC Future and for Conservation Magazine, and has contributed to The Guardian, Salon, Nautilus Magazine, and elsewhere.

Jason writes about behavior and cognition in humans and animals, the human-animal relationship, wildlife biology, and conservation. How does experience interact with biology in producing complex behaviors? In what ways are humans distinct from other species, and how do the traits we think of as uniquely human echo across the rest of the animal kingdom? He believes that by understanding more about animal minds, not only will we become better stewards of our planet and better partners in wildlife conservation, but we will also gain a more contextualized understanding of our own species’ place on the pale blue dot we call home. He served as guest editor for the 2010 edition of The Open Laboratory: The Best of Science Writing on the Web and is Associate Editor for ScienceSeeker.

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