Jason G. Goldman


Wild L.A.

Timber Press, 2019
Timber Press, 2019

Science Blogging: The Essential Guide

Yale University Press, 2016
Yale University Press, 2016

The Open Laboratory 2010

Lulu, 2010
Lulu, 2010

Praise for Wild L.A.

"You would be hard-pressed to find a group of people whose enthusiasm for nature is as infectious as the four authors of Wild LA.” Los Angeles Times

"Whether you’re new to nature or an experienced hiker, just visiting or a lifelong Angeleno, I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new and fascinating about the world around you after thumbing through Wild LA. And you’ll never look at the city the same way again." Casey Schreiner, Modern Hiker

“No matter how much one thinks one knows about L.A., this travel companion will shed new light on all that flourishes and flowers, or creeps and crawls in the vast urban-yet-still-wild sprawl of the city and surrounding area.” Publishers Weekly

“Engagingly written and beautifully photographed… Ideal for introducing Angelenos and tourists to the remarkable nature often overlooked when considering our city and region. . . the wonder and diversity of wild Los Angeles awaits you.” —LA Parent

Praise for Science Blogging: The Essential Guide

“This collection of essays and tips, wisdom and insight on science blogging should be considered a must-read. From its all-star editors to its remarkable contributors, Science Blogging: The Essential Guide offers a range of information suited to everyone from those curious about starting a blog to practitioners looking for ways to improve. The word ‘essential’ is often overused but in this case, it suits perfectly.” Deborah Blum, director of the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT

“Once upon a time, science blogging was imagined to be a distraction from the serious business of Real Journalism™. Now it is journalism, and much more besides. This new collection offers a well written, rigorous, and timely atlas to its diverse approaches and best practices. Aspiring and veteran bloggers alike, take note: good stuff here.” Thomas Levenson, director of MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing

Praise for The Open Laboratory

“Some of the smartest, best informed, and — yes — most entertaining writing about science today can be found in the vibrant community of science bloggers. Each year The Open Laboratory series performs an invaluable service by pulling together some of the highlights — proof that the best blog posts can and should be savored long after they’ve scrolled off the bottom of the screen.” —Scott Rosenberg, author of Say Everything and Dreaming in Code, and Salon.com cofounder