Jason G. Goldman


I've curated a selection of my best work below.


Shoot to Save

Biographic Magazine

Breaking Precious Ground

Biographic Magazine

Lions on the Ledge

Scientific American

Inside a Covert Mission to Defeat Poachers

Good Magazine

Harnessing the Power of Gene Drives

Scientific American

Biology & Natural History

A Hidden Iguana on the Galápagos

BBC Earth

The Pinnochio Lizard

BBC Earth

The Spiders that Form Armies

BBC Earth

Urban Wildlife

Mountain Lion P-22, Paparazzi Victim


Alien Flies Buzz Los Angeles

BBC Earth

One Pushy Squirrel & the Turf War for LA

Nautilus Magazine

Brains & Behavior

Right Brained, Wrong Brained

Los Angeles Magazine

Let Them Eat Carcass


Book Reviews

Gathering Emotional Intelligence

Conservation Magazine

The Magic & Mystery of Water

Pacific Standard