Jason G. Goldman


I've curated a selection of my best work below.


Shoot to Save

Biographic Magazine

Breaking Precious Ground

Biographic Magazine

Lions on the Ledge

Scientific American

Inside a Covert Mission to Defeat Poachers

Good Magazine

Harnessing the Power of Gene Drives

Scientific American

Biology & Natural History

The Forest Between Us

Biographic Magazine

A Hidden Iguana on the Galápagos

BBC Earth

The Pinnochio Lizard

BBC Earth

The Spiders that Form Armies

BBC Earth

Urban Wildlife

Backyard Beasts of Prey

Journal of Alta California

The Jaws of Life

Los Angeles Magazine

Mountain Lion P-22, Paparazzi Victim


Alien Flies Buzz Los Angeles

BBC Earth

One Pushy Squirrel & the Turf War for LA

Nautilus Magazine

Brains & Behavior

Right Brained, Wrong Brained

Los Angeles Magazine

Let Them Eat Carcass


Book Reviews

Gathering Emotional Intelligence

Conservation Magazine

The Magic & Mystery of Water

Pacific Standard