Jason G. Goldman

Go on an expedition with me!

Each year, Jason Goldman and Phil Torres lead small groups of travelers on science- and wildlife-focused ecotourism vacations all over the world, in partnership with Atlas Obscura.

Our approach to ecotourism can be thought of as ethical exploration. We combine sustainable travel with ecosystem-level conservation and the explicit recognition of and respect for the rights of indigenous people. Ecotourism is more than just “nature tourism”; it has the explicit goal of benefiting local communities both environmentally and economically. By providing financial incentives through tourism, local communities can become empowered to fight against poverty, and in achieving a more sustainable sort of economic development, can better resist other more exploitative industries like mining, agriculture, ranching, or logging.

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2019 Expeditions

Mexico’s Great Monarch Migration

Expedition Amazon - March

Expedition Amazon - September

Expedition Galápagos 2019

Ecuador Photo Safari

Galápagos Photo Safari

2018 Expeditions

Tambopata, Peru 2018

Ecuador: Cloud Forest to Rainforest

Expedition: Galapagos

2017 Expeditions

Tambopata, Peru 2017